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  • 06 Mar 2017
    In the service standards, the service personnel disciplinary punishment, a total of 14 items, from late to early retirement, did not wear uniforms or did not wear a job card, not bring the tools to affect the quality of installation or progress, not check the product quality defects and installation, Not in accordance with the "technical specifications" to install the accident caused by the accident,free standing deck australia until the seams are not strict, nail is not patched even including on-site smoking, noisy and unauthorized use of customer items, are fine, suspended, dismissed and other rules. Personal procedures and the establishment of a standardized company service system, so that 10 years of services up to a new level,balcony floor and establish a good customer reputation. And the technical specifications of the industry, Sheng has also assumed the drafting of the "national standard" - "laminate flooring national standards" and "laminate flooring China environmental labeling product certification technical requirements", "bamboo flooring", "geothermal laminate flooring "," Wooden floor pavement,lattice roof decking anti slip
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  • 02 Mar 2017
    in recent years frequently defended success in 2005 and even to get 0.15% of the zero tariffs in 2006, the other six companies involved in the final ruling also got 12.37% to 26.62% of the separate tax rate, while all other pencil companies are faced with 114.90% of the high tariff barriers. By the first pencil 2005 zero tariff incentives,garden floor price Chinese enterprises actively responding. China is the world's largest pencil production and exporting country, the annual pencil production accounts for about 70% of the world's total output, exports are equivalent to more than 1.5 times the total output of foreign countries. The huge number of production and marketing makes the enterprise market expansion is limited,4x8 pvc privacy patio fence panel so the maintenance of the existing market is the only way for the survival and development of enterprises. Pencil companies said that because the United States each year anti-dumping duties are not the same, up and down fluctuations, making their exports can not form a stable expectation. And the United States still China as a non-market economy status of the country,Diy Hand Railings Exterior
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  • 03 Mar 2017
    In day-to-day keep the cost of decks made from recycled materials clean, can be used, and then with a wrung towel.If the term allows, it should also be in the two to three months once a floor wax. China's flooring giant "holy image" and the success of the marriage of the world's top brand "Kang tree" a few days ago cost of anti slip composite deck installed , the floor of the carrier surface. Last week, Chinese and foreign two floor production giant the Saint group in Shanghai and Sweden, Lei Muk Shue Estate Company hand in hand, the beginning journey of strategic cooperation outdoor deck installation in trinidad and tobago .Both parties seemed to have expressed satisfaction with this cooperation, "strong alliance" was repeatedly mentioned. Actually, to create the floor of the aircraft carrier outside this common goal, each with his own intention: to pass through each other, dominate the market.China is a big country for the production waterproof fence panels for sale , as well as the demand for power.
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  • 08 Mar 2017
    but whether it is solid or in the floor is still up, not very clear. When these customers heard that every square meter rose between 3 yuan to 8 yuan, that is, shop 100 square meters only need to spend hundreds of dollars, are still in their own range of tolerance. "We are concerned about the quality and environmental protection,composite fence white railing or will buy that big brand, quality assurance products, as there is no price increases, not in our most important consideration." A surnamed Qi said so. Manufacturers complain again and again through visits, almost all businesses have said that the floor price rise is sooner or later. From the elephant, macro resistance,balcony floor Kono and other large wood group information shows that at present, the substrate is indeed very tight, the price continues to rise, different specifications of the substrate in the range of 10% -20%. Data show that since 2004, chemical raw materials, building materials, raw materials prices every year more than 10%, part of the price increase even more than 20%.pvc fence prices in ghana
    1342 Posted by liu yi
Family & Home 1,567 views Aug 16, 2017
Floor to buy some of the standards

The light problem of houses actually has an important effect on our choice of flooring , in general, limits the choice of floor color. Room lighting ability outdoor waterproof deck , then you can use the color of deep or shallow floor, and vice versa to choose a higher brightness and color of the appropriate floor, Xiaobian would like to remind you at this time try not to use the darker raw materials, which will make the whole home environment Dull, become unable to mention a little life of the home style.

Speaking of lighting on the floor of the specific selection of color, you have to say that tone stress. Warm color of the color gives a warm expansion of the full sense, while the cool color of the color there is a simple sense of contraction, combined with the consideration of housing area, the space will choose a small dark color can be created in the dark A simple and generous, the area of the expansion of the illusion; and the larger space on the relatively bright choice of warm colors can make the whole room immediately become full and full, and will not seem empty deserted.

Of course, after solving the floor color problems, but also need to consider the ground color, and home to complement each other to achieve the idealized configuration. The general situation will be long-term use of both the color of the two should choose the same, dark and light can be, to avoid too many colorful and chaotic stripes, or will make the whole with a serious dissonance, so that all the decoration efforts are The torch Know how to strengthen the purchase criteria in order to better improve the home style, enjoy life!

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