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  • 18 Jan 2019
    By hiring a freelancer, you are not compromising any of the service that you will be receiving. You will still get the same level of quality and the same service that you would get if you hired a full time employee, just without the cost attached to it. Thanks to Field Engineer, you now have access to freelancers in 180 different countries so that you can get the service you need, when you need it. Don’t worry about not finding the IT network engineer that you are looking for, because over 40,000 engineers are signed up to this site. implement a basic wireless network and recognize basic network attack types. It’s a wide variety of knowledge that can be used for job roles such as a network administrator, network technician, network installer, help desk technician and IT cable installer. No matter where you are in the world, FE is connecting engineers and telecoms every day. Nowhere is too far away - and even remote jobs can be handled easily through our global platform. Just sign up then check the profiles and Hire Freelance Network Engineers.
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  • 22 Jan 2019
    MCSD package is intended for software developers to determine their ability to build solutions using Microsoft cloud technologies. The Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer professionals are usually approved by Microsoft to provide solutions to project and business management requirements of an organization. In order to become a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), you will need to have an essential degree in computer science, information technology, and related areas. It will help if you have a valid MCSD certification as this will enhance your career in the field of software. Depending on your experience and your performance in the project you get to negotiate your terms with the employer. Know more details: Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) | Roles, Salary & More!
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  • 24 Jan 2019
    The only thing you can do then is to become a freelance engineer. Whether you have not found a job or already have one and are looking to earn a little on the side, you will be able to make enough this way to support your lifestyle on a monthly basis. Freelance software engineer Freelance network engineer Freelance computer engineer Freelance hardware engineer Freelance site engineer and more. Check more details:
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  • 25 Jan 2019
    Finding freelance jobs for engineers is easy, but making sure the role is suited for your field and getting the job is the tricky part. You need to make sure that the post is related to what you do because if you pick up a wrong position that you do not understand and need to turn down later, it will give your employer a false impression and you will lose credibility in the market. Yes, we say likelihood here as when you do a good job, the word will spread and employers will start looking for you to give you projects. Yes, you can even find jobs as a freelance site engineer. Though the openings are fewer, they will pay a right amount of money. As a site engineer, you will be required on site to accomplish various types of work of telecomunications, check more details.
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Technology 80 views Jun 23, 2020
Honeywell Says It Has Built The World’s Most Powerful Quantum C

In the race to the future of quantum computing, Honeywell has just secured a fresh lead.

The North Carolina-based conglomerate announced Thursday that it has produced the world’s fastest quantum computer, at least twice as powerful as the existing computers operated by IBM and Google.

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The machine, located in a 1,500-square-foot high-security storage facility in Boulder, Colorado, consists of a stainless steel chamber about the size of basketball that is cooled by liquid helium at a temperature just above absolute zero, the point at which atoms stop vibrating. Within that chamber, individual atoms floating above a computer chip are targeted with lasers to perform calculations.

While people have studied the potential of quantum computing for decades, that is, building machines with the ability to complete calculations beyond the limits of classic computers and supercomputers, the sector has until recently been limited to the intrigue of research groups at tech companies such as IBM and Google.

But in the past year, the race between those companies to claim supremacy — and provide a commercial use — in the quantum race has become heated. Honeywell’s machine has achieved a Quantum Volume of 64, a metric devised by IBM that measures the capability of the machine and error rates, but is also difficult to decipher (and as quantum computing expert Scott Aaronson wrote in March, is potentially possible to game). By comparison, IBM announced in January that it had achieved a Quantum Volume of 32 with its newest machine, Raleigh.