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  • 18 Mar 2015
    The two series of Nike football shoes are very familiar for people, both excellent, both popular, then what are the differences between the two? Let's make a comparison! Appearance design and colors If take close observation, you will find the vamp of Nike hypervenom football boots are mainly in bee net design, while the vamp of Nike mercurial football boots are smooth. In color collocation, the two series are very similar, both mainly in black, red, florescent yellow and green, simple and also fashionable. Comprehensive function The quality of a pair of football shoe is determined from many aspects, let's compared them in the following aspects. In terms of weight, we all know the Nike mercurial is famous for its lightness; but, the Nike hypervenom shoes are also becoming lighter. In speed, the Nike mercurial seems to take more advantages. But in the flexibility, the Hypervenom is far beyond other football shoes. In covering, the feeling of mercurial is more like pressing, because the PU elasticity is not enough. The Hypervenom is much softer, and more elastic, so it is very comfortable when wearing. In terms of technology The newest NIKE SKIN vamp of Hypervenom is a thin soft mesh material, is a soft Polyurethane film, accompanied by ACC technology to keep the best ball sense in dry or humid environment. There are adjustment in the shoes nail design, to enhance the reflection, the groove at front palm can stimulate the starting speed of the first toe, leave the defender behind. And the main technology of Mercurial includes carbon fiber sole and Flyknit. Carbon fiber sole is a new material, corrosion resistant, with high strength. And the carbon fiber sole is extremely light, helpful for accelerating. And the flyknit technology can not only help fix the shoe shape, and increase the friction, help the players to shoot better balls. From the contrast above, we can see that, there is no answer for sure about which one is better. They are both the top football shoes series of Nike, with their own characteristics and advantages. The will is more important when we are choosing.
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  • 11 May 2015
    Now, I will inventory the elite Nike football shoes series: elite Nike football shoes series. Nike football shoes, as it were, it may have been doomed to receive widespread attention when the elite series came out from the start. Elite Nike football shoes have totally four series, each has unique advantages: Nike CTR360 football boots, Nike Tiempo football boots, Nike T90 football boots, Nike assassin football boots. In technical aspect, Nike football shoes elite series is the most comprehensive shoes, that is absolutely CTR360 the shoes, the assassin is a pair of regular wave shoes, both powerful movement, it has a very good targeted on the ball, and the design style of shoes itself is very high the avant-garde, it has favorite fashionable sports talent. If it is to be used for shooting, T90 this shoe is preferred, is in the best special shoes. And Tiempo character is modest and has the power, if you are a low profile and pay attention to the person of strength, you can choose the type of football shoes. If at the time of purchase or make up our minds to choose one of them, it needs to consider to buy this pair of shoes after the specific purpose at ordinary times, and then to decide choose which one is the most appropriate. After saying the Nike elite series shoes, the match colors are refer to the style of the World Cup, using orange as the heel is tonal, as a front end with gray tone. Nike football shoes elite series not only has a special aesthetic feeling and the impact on the vision, but also has a good performance, as well as an important symbol and memorable, so wins the favour of the sports fans.
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  • 11 Jun 2015
    Once upon a time, when I saw Lee Xiaolong on the screen wearing the yellow shoes with black tiger paws in deathly game, light and powerfully hit Jabbar down, my heart was filled with admiration and began to long for the shoes, a long time later, I knew that the brand name is Onitsuka tiger, models MEXICO66, yellow and black color, very cool collocation. It was born in 1966, made its debut in 1968, at that year a runner won the MEXICO Olympic Games medal with the shoes, so it is called MEXICO 66, full of legendary sense, interpreted the perfect combination of sports and fashion.Onitsuka tiger Colorado eighty-five fashion sneaker Colorado Eighty - Five MT first began in 1985, based on the design of running shoes in the 1980s, increase the buffer performance and safe outsole design, improve the forefoot varicose, air holes and outsole curving design on the front, the function of the prototype shoes also left a deep character.Shoe body uses CORDURA high strength nylon fabric with the characteristic such as waterproof, wear-resisting, high strength, reflective technology material has warning effect, improve the security of travel at night. The strengthen aggregation piece below the heel provides more support effect. This model of retro casual shoes appears in the form of a low profile and move feeling compared with Nike 5.0 mens running shoes, Nike free flyknit running shoes, cooperates with the stereo feeling of the shoe, hipsters use them as the match for street, choose bright color pants to form eye-catching contrast.  
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  • 25 May 2015
    Luminous focus Nike air Jordan 4 luminous series experience fantasy texture Earlier we had introduced best Nike air Jordan 4 for mens  luminous series of "fluorescent green" color, this is one of the many fans coveted shoes. This pair of shoes uppers, soles, followed by a low-key gray are used in dotting Jump man Logo at prominent places and lace buckle fluorescent green show. Now in this pair Jordan retro 4 luminous series of "fluorescent green "basis, in order to be good at the reptile texture inject custom shoes out of, the famous designer JBF Customs has launched a new work Nike air Jordan 4 luminous series "Python Green Glow". We can also call it "luminous green python" Nike air Jordan basketball shoes. "Luminous green python" is still adhering to retain Nike air Jordan 4 luminous series of original hue - fluorescent green, in the texture of the material on the shoes are commonly added JBF scales snakeskin pattern, crocodile skin texture combination, integration of map this highly textured shown on "Monty Python" texture rendering. Gray uppers originally been replaced by a large area of a large area of green serpentine, but also fit the "luminous green" the original color scheme, which also makes custom shoes snake pattern in the field has become more prevalent. In addition, the trapeze LOGO is still on the tongue with a piece of gray leather. In addition to the unique texture, this Nike air Jordan 4 luminous series "luminous green python". There is a major feature of the special shoe boxes with the same color. A similar material iron cube shoebox, surrounded by decorated with rivets, golden light reflection, people will curious what will in this box? When you open the front of the shoe box to show the sub-ah is this double luminous green python ", it like a beast, quietly hiding in boxes, waiting to attack, mysterious and desirable. So unique extraordinary pair of shoes do you also want to have it? If you like this kind of wild beauty, this pair of Nike air Jordan 4 luminous series "luminous green python" is a good choice!
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Sports 1,709 views Jun 01, 2015
Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit running shoe's assessment

Free is a Nike technology emphasizes barefoot experience and technology of natural rhythm feeling, more than 10 years of history. Nike free 3.0 Flyknit mens shoes are a knitting vamp technology raised nearly two years ago, the purpose is to improve the comfort and package, widely applied on racing shoes, training shoes, jogging shoes, basketball shoes, or fashionable shoes. While relying on Flyknit lightweight breathable characteristics, and promoting barefoot feel Free technology integration is inevitable. Last year, Nike free shoes series for the first time introduced Flyknit technology, and quite conservatively used Free 5.0 sole. This year the free product using Flyknit is Free 3.0 and 4.0 sole.(matching with 5.0 sole models can be customized in Nike id)

Last summer I evaluated the first launched Free Flyknit shoes, I was not satisfied then. This early of March, Nike launched the new Free series shoes, I was lucky to be invited to the Beijing seminar, and raised questions to the designers. This month, I received the Free 3.0 flyknit sent by the official, I felt the feeling is greatly improved, this assessment will also focus on the difference between the new and old version.

The barefoot feeling and natural rhythm concept is shown the most completely in New Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit waven shoes. We can see that the new nike Free shoes Flyknit 3.0in upper and bottom change obviously, on supporting Flyknit woven shoe to carry on the redesign, more comfortable compared to previous generation also no longer press the feet, new hexagon cut and shallow slot more reasonable, but there may also be circumstance of stuck stones. Phylite material as bottom, the shock resistance is not obvious, not comfortable, may not be suitable for many people, especially for those with high weight, the shock to the knee may be large. The 3.0 barefoot number can provide the wearing experience closest to being barefoot, the HTD is 4mm, suitable for bottom or front palm landing running. We position Nike as the light training under 10km, then the overall performance is acceptable. If the shoelace introduces traditional fast shoelace system or magic stamp, the experience would be more comfortable. The side LOGO would best change to reflective material, there cannot be no reflective stamp on the overall shoe.


Mens White Nike Shoes Free Flyknit 3.0 Ocean Blue

Overall, Free 3.0 Flyknit solved the 80% of the problems of the 5.0, largely more practical. But if there are outward flapping trend at the ankle, you should be cautious when choosing this kind of barefoot running shoes.

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