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Health 5,711 views Jul 22, 2021
Relieving Anxiety The Natural Way

They say that a little amount of anxiety is good for a person in that it pushes him to do something to brace for what is about to come. It is common knowledge that healthy amounts of stress can help you accomplish your tasks. But being under a great deal of anxiety is never good for your well-being. When it gets to the point that you can no longer move or think right, you should be doing something about it like using natural remedies for anxiety at the very least.


Anxiety: When Is It Excessive?


Yes, all people tend to get anxious now and then like when waiting for an exam result or meeting someone for the first time. However, if you display one or more symptoms below, you may have to seek help:


You are extremely fearful of even the smallest things or mildest situations.


It is difficult to go to sleep.


You are so worried you can no longer focus on anything.


You are restless, often irritable, and panics easily.


Your muscles feel tensed most of the time.


The body goes through much anxiety it begins to manifest like experiencing hyperacidity and excessive sweating.


You are so sick to your stomach you do not want to eat.


You turn to unhealthy ways to cope like smoking, drinking, and substance abuse.


If you tick some or all of the boxes, you may be experiencing high levels of anxiety which is bad for your health and sanity. You should seek professional help to determine how you should deal with the issue.


What You Can Do About Anxiety On Your Own


It is important to talk to a mental health professional to ensure an accurate diagnosis and appropriate course of treatment. You may also complement this with natural remedies for anxiety. You will hardly find over-the-counter medicine for anxiety and stress since most require a doctor’s prescription. If ever you can find one, the anxiety-relief is just a secondary effect.


The good thing is that there are things you can do to relieve your anxiety without the need for a doctor’s order.


Exercise daily under the sun if possible. Not only will this release your stress but will also trigger the release of endorphins, your feel-good hormones.


Perform deep-breathing exercises especially when you are panicking as they can slow down your breathing and heart rate.


Try meditation like yoga. Since the goal is to get the mind into a peaceful state, it will become easier to deal with stress and anxiety.


Look for a healthy way to release your stress like writing.


Drink calming tea like chamomile tea. You can also take an approved natural anxiety medication that contains calming ingredients such as valerian, kava, lemon balm, chamomile, passionflower, and lavender.


Use aromatherapy as certain smells are known to relieve anxiety.

There are several options to choose from when picking the right natural remedy for anxiety. You do not need to spend money on anxiety medication over-the-counter that you will hardly find anyway.

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