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  • 30 May 2022
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Paris luxury model dating

France: budget romance of Paris

Paris is a city out of seasons. But, officially, the high season in the city lasts from late April to early October. Perhaps the least popular travel destination is November, when the weather is rather chilly, but this has little effect on restaurant prices and hotel discounts. Here you'll find some useful tips from Paris elite escorts models of the famous Girls Students agency. In summer, the city of love never languishes from the heat, and in winter, in comparison with the Russian climate, the weather is more reminiscent of mid-November in the central part of our vast Motherland, accordingly to the elite Paris escorts.

Where to live. Best budget hotels in Paris

Whatever the weather on the streets of Paris, hotel prices in the city are stable, like the sunrise over Montmartre. Even in August, when the city is empty, hotel prices remain at the level of the Eiffel Tower. You need to book a hotel room several months before the trip. Especially if the cost per day for it does not match the budget of a small African country, such as in the Vernet Hotel or Auteuil Tour Eiffel, and you want to spend Christmas holidays in the city.

Yes, Paris escorts girls can admit that a room in Paris can be quite expensive, but there is always the chance to book a small room at an affordable price in a design hotel. The Mama Shelter is located on the right bank in the XXth district designed by Philippe Starck with chic design in a modern urban style.

Where to eat. Budget cafes and restaurants in Paris

Classic French breakfast "three K": coffee, croissant, confiture, will cost in Paris from 3 to 7 euros. Inexpensive (within 10-15 euros) and tasty lunch in the center of Paris can be found in the Fontaine de Mars (129, Rue Saint-Dominique) and Au Zaganin (81, Rue de Rochechouart) restaurants. For a hearty and inexpensive dinner, within 20 euros for two changes of dishes, it is better to choose La Cantine de la Cigale (124, Boulevard Rochechouart) or La Pointe du Groin (8, Rue de Belzunce). The cheapest dinner can cost 10-12 euros, but such prices are most often found only in the XIII arrondissement of Paris, in one of the many Chinese eateries.

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