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  • 06 Nov 2020
    Considering the numerous ways digital marketing affects individuals and businesses, it has become the king of marketing for almost all major industries. Most brands are now increasingly adopting strategies for communicating with consumers online. While it includes so many avenues, content marketing has come up as the most relevant one in recent times thanks to its incredible reach and sure-shot results.   If you are looking to increase your business profits, then content marketing is definitely something that you should include in your overall digital marketing plans.   With so many reasons to incorporate a content marketing strategy in your business plans, you might want to get in touch with Dignitas Digital, an ethical digital marketing agency in Delhi that helps brands get their word out effectively and explicitly.   Now let's understand what is content marketing and how it can help your business grow significantly.   What is Content Marketing?   Content marketing can have various definitions with respect to the industry you associate it with but there is a common overarching theme in every one of them. Content Marketing is basically a strategy that involves the creation, publication, and distribution of relevant, quality, and consistent content on various digital platforms to improve your interaction with your audience and thereby generate leads.   Why Content Marketing Is Important For Any Business?   Builds Brand Awareness and Trust:   If you are a small business, then it is vital for you to engage your audience to prevent losing them to larger brands. By creating relevant and valuable content using an efficient SEO strategy, you can engage a wide audience over time.   This automatically improves brand awareness and once people start associating your content with reliable information, you will gain their trust as well. Providing well-researched content will help you project yourself as an expert in the field.    Significantly Improves Search Engine Rankings:   For your business profile to grow digitally, it is important that you improve your online presence by keeping SEO at the forefront. Content marketing helps in making the most difference in this aspect.   When a user types a keyword or a phrase related to your business on a search engine, ideally, there should be a good content piece based on that so that it comes up on the first page of the SERPs. You must use the right keywords, leverage backlinking, and various other SEO tricks to improve your ranking.   Additionally, you need to keep one thing in mind – since Google changes its algorithms from time to time, you need to be well-aware of them so that you can include them in your content. Always upload up-to-date content pieces that are informative and that help the user in some way to rank higher.    Generates Leads for Your Business:   The most important end goal for any marketing campaign is to generate leads. Content marketing helps you do this. The best part about content marketing is that you can make your brand reach strangers thanks to your informative content pieces. The idea here is to create content that helps a lead complete the journey of awareness, consideration, and decision.   Another aspect that helps here is that the conversion rates of a lead becoming a buyer are pretty high. Once they find your content relevant on a regular basis, they will most likely turn from just being a lead to a customer.    Builds Brand Authority:   Content marketing helps in building brand authority in a huge way. When you market your content the right way with relevant and reliable information, people start looking at you as an expert in the field. You should be able to show how you are different from your competitors and why people should choose you over them.   Quality content helps you reach a position in the market when the audience trusts you to help them with their problems related to the industry.    Improves Reach Through Social Media:   As a result of the above point, consumers of your content will share the same on their social media platforms. When more and more people do this, you’ll see a boost in brand awareness and your company’s reach significantly.   Therefore, you should try to come up with content that solves a common problem so that a large number of people connect with it.   About Dignitas Digital -    Dignitas Digital is an award-winning digital agency based out of Philadelphia, US, that excels at providing agile and scalable solutions to over 100 customers on four continents. Being a full-service digital marketing and creative agency, our methodology is focused on the integration of digital marketing with web strategy using a highly iterative and data-driven process.
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  • 24 Nov 2020
    The cost of clinical trials is rising at a steady pace. With enterprises allocating narrower budgets, it is becoming extremely difficult for firms to get quality results. Preparing a budget for clinical trials is a crucial process since it would determine the cost of hiring professionals and renting equipment.   Research has shown that inducing flexibility in the clinical trial budget is necessary for making the trial successful. This is because preparing a 100% accurate budget is not realistic, and a lot of unforeseen costs can occur in the future.   Here are a few of the most prominent cost drivers for clinical trials that get considered before the finalization of the clinical trial budget:   #1. Patient Grant     The costs related to patient grants are generally broken down into screening, baseline and follow-up visits, and medical imaging costs. Screening involves several protocols to pick only those subjects that would be suitable for the trials. The screening would most probably take place at hired clinical sites under the supervision of a preclinical CRO.   Based on the type of research you are conducting, you might also have to reimburse the patients for their travel, food, and overnight stays. Medical imaging is not always necessary, but it is good practice to carry provisions for them.   #2. Site costs  Site costs refer to the costs that would get incurred to set up the sites where the initiation of the trials would begin. It involves the start-up fees, the Ethics Committee fees, and the storage fees to name a few. The start-up fees would be necessary to commence the clinical trial as the Ethics Committee (EC) submissions and the staff training costs would get included under it.   The Ethics Committee fees would have to be paid for the time spent by the Ethics Committee to look over the protocols of the clinical trial.   #3. Labor costs  You can’t conduct a clinical trial alone. You would need to enlist the help of other professionals. Hence, you would have to set out a different part in your budget under the name of labor costs.   This involves hiring a Contract Research Organization who would be in charge of monitoring data from the trials, a biostatistician who would be responsible for drafting SAP (Statistical Analysis Plan), and a project manager who would look over the various facets of the trial, such as its timeline, budget, and resources.   #4. Miscellaneous expenditure  Throughout the clinical research, there are going to be a ton of unforeseen and miscellaneous expenses. Carrying a provision for such types of expenditure is crucial because when they pile up on each other, they can significantly impact the financial stability of the research.   Miscellaneous expenditure can incur in the form of investigator meetings, document translations, and regulatory filing fees.   #5. Protocol amendments and trial enrollment delays  Any clinical research would meet several bumps on the way. These can be in the form of protocol amendments and trial enrollment delays. Protocol amendments become necessary when there is a change in the primary objectives of the research. Such amendments can lead to an increase in the cost of the trial since it would pave the way for IRB/EC fees, regulatory re-submissions, and site costs.   Moreover, sometimes delays can occur in enrolment because initial patient projections are overly optimistic. Taking provisions for such expenses in your budget can help you in the long run.   Final thoughts Trial budgeting is always a challenging process for management. By keeping these provisions in your budget, it would be ensured that your clinical research would get carried out seamlessly without any hassle. Apart from these provisions, you can also include the provisions for non-patient costs and site management.   Source: Topicstalk
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  • 13 Nov 2020
    A worldwide Gallup study has unearthed that only 15% of the employees that work full-time are dedicated and engaged with their roles in the company. Another research revealed that disengaged employees are likely to cause 60% more errors and mistakes in work performance. Low employee engagement is now an alarming condition for all firms around the world. If it is not dealt with effectively, it could end up to the snowball effect- lack of proper motivation amongst employees to perform, leading to a downgrading productivity rate, ultimately leading to loss of revenue and higher absenteeism. This is where HR teams can help leaders in improving their employee engagement rates through the induction of effective HR strategies. Here are three strategies which HR professionals can bring into action to motivate the employees and align their efforts with the overall organizational goals: #1. Channeling Efforts into Wellbeing According to Engage for Success, the forefront of the UK’s research into employee engagement, there is a plausible link between wellbeing and employee engagement. Employee wellbeing refers to the optimization of the health of the employees (both physical and mental health). When the HR of an organization takes several steps to improve the wellbeing of the employees, they are more likely to meet the expectations of their respective roles. Through the creation of a healthy workplace, there would be a spike in employee engagement rates. It can be achieved through the introduction of employee assistance programs (EAP) and the promotion of healthy eating habits. #2. Welcoming Feedback & Taking Action Did you know that amongst the four enablers of employee engagement, employee voice is one of the most crucial ones? Employees want their voices to get heard- they want their views and feedback to be taken under consideration by senior managers and leaders. The presence of technology (anonymous online surveys) has made seeking employee feedback easier for top management. However, inviting feedback and taking action go hand in hand. Just taking feedback and not doing anything about it would further result in a lower employee engagement rate. Apart from this, an organization could also take professional assistance from a talented employee engagement agency to effectively utilize communication channels within their organization. #3. Recognizing Work Worth Appreciating Recognition of good work not only gives a boost to the morale of the employees, but it also enhances the employee engagement rate. By following the practice of frequent recognition, such as introducing employee of the month awards, a sense of motivation would get cultivated in the employees. However, the efforts must be consistent. If only a few leaders and managers follow the practice of giving recognition, a sense of partiality could get inculcated in the organization. HR professionals could try their hands at incentive-based schemes or awards to give recognition to those employees that performed above expectations. Final Thoughts: Engaged employees that get driven with proper motivation are the perfect recipe for the success of an organization. Not only do they follow a customer-oriented approach, but they also pave the way for higher profitability. Highly engaged employees are more productive and are also less likely to leave their company to look for a new one. It is the duty of every organization to ensure that their employees remain actively engaged with their seniors, as well as be in sync with the overall corporate ideology of the company. Research has proved that when organizational teams are highly engaged in their work, they show 17% higher productivity and 41% lower absenteeism. These three HR strategies would help any firm that is currently facing problems of low employee engagement rate.
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  • 23 Feb 2021
    Jubilant Biosys and Yale University have announced a research collaboration for multiple small molecule research programs. Under the scope of this partnership, Jubilant Biosys will provide research services to investigators at Yale University working on novel therapeutic targets. Areas of collaboration include medicinal chemistry, structural biology, in-vitro and in-vivo pharmacology among others.   Commenting on this collaboration, Marcel Velterop, President Jubilant Biosys said “Yale is one of the top-ranked academic institutions in the US and we at Jubilant Biosys are delighted to be able to support scientific endeavors of Investigators at Yale to pursue novel target ideas for unmet medical conditions. With our New Discovery Chemistry Site scheduled to commence operations in 2021, we will further add to our capability a new infrastructure to service our partners.”   “Our CRO relationships are an integral component in our pursuit of helping Yale’s scientific community transition their research towards commercialization, and we are pleased to have Jubilant Biosys join our entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Bill Wiesler, Director of New Ventures and the Blavatnik Fund for Innovation at Yale, Office of Cooperative Research.     About Jubilant Biosys Limited:    Jubilant Biosys, a subsidiary of Jubilant Pharmova Limited, an integrated global pharmaceutical company, has a presence in Bengaluru and Noida in India. Jubilant Biosys offers contract research & development services for global pharmaceutical innovators. Biosys has demonstrated expertise in functional services such as DMPK, Biology, Toxicology as well as Medicinal Chemistry and PR&D and GMP scale-up capabilities up to phase II. It has integrated discovery expertise with a track record of over 75 programs in multiple therapeutic areas including but not limited to Oncology, Metabolic Disorders, Pain & Inflammation, CNS and expanding into Rare Diseases. In addition, it markets “TrialStat™”, a proprietary and flexible clinical trial data capture software and has started AI/ML activities in drug discovery under its Digital initiative.   For more info:   Media Contact: Drishti Asthana     About the Yale Office of Cooperative Research:    Since its founding in 1982, the Yale Office of Cooperative Research (OCR) has built a significant portfolio of inventions and patents and has grown into an engine of regional economic development. Its mission is to facilitate the translation of research from Yale’s labs into products and services that benefit society. OCR is recognized as a leading force for catalyzing economic growth by identifying, counseling and nurturing early-stage technologies and guiding the transition into robust companies.   More information is available at   Media Contact: Michelle McQueen Yale University, Office of Cooperative Research     About Jubilant Pharmova Limited:    Jubilant Pharmova is born out of a combination of ‘Pharma’ and ‘Nova’ (New) and Jubilant Pharmova Limited (formerly Jubilant Life Sciences Limited) will continue to focus on offering products and services with excellence in research and manufacturing, catering to the unmet health needs at an affordable price. It is an integrated global pharmaceuticals company having three business segments - Pharmaceuticals, Drug Discovery & Development Solutions and Proprietary Novel Drugs.   Pharmaceuticals business through Jubilant Pharma Limited is engaged in manufacturing and supply of Radiopharmaceuticals with a network of 49 Radiopharmacies in the US, Allergy Therapy Products, Contract Manufacturing of Sterile Injectables and Non-sterile products, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Solid Dosage Formulations through six USFDA approved manufacturing facilities in the US, Canada and India.   Drug Discovery & Development Solutions business represented by Jubilant Biosys Limited provides innovation and collaborative research to global pharmaceutical innovators through two world-class research centers in Bengaluru and Noida in India.   Proprietary Novel Drugs business through Jubilant Therapeutics Inc. is an innovative patient-centric biopharmaceutical company developing breakthrough therapies in the area of oncology and auto-immune disorders.   For more information, please visit:  
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Business 526 views Nov 26, 2020
Dignitas Digital Listed One of Top Developers in Pennsylvania

In October 2020, Austin Ellis, an Analyst at Clutch called our office in Philadelphia to let us know that Dignitas Digital has been selected as one of the top developers in Pennsylvania for being the best in our field.

Dhawal Sehgal, CEO of Dignitas Digital, shared "we are honored and thrilled to be chosen as one of the leading digital agencies in our region by Clutch – the most trusted aggregation and review-based website about the services industry."

Clutch is a review-based website and a platform for B2B reviews for all segments of service providers and companies from all corners of the globe. Their team of dedicated analysts conducts reviews on phone calls with clients from around the world, which is then verified and formatted by the educated editors independently, ensuring that users receive the most valuable information in each report. Many people look out for reviews on Clutch to check out the stellar average of companies.

One of our clients, Courtney Ouimet, who is the Director of Operations at Quality Credit Reporting, said in her review of ours, "all project requirements and deadlines were hit, exceeding our expectations and contributing to a successful launch for the system. The Dignitas Digital team is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled but is also always willing to explain different concepts and engage with the client's ideas."

Noelle McKenzie, CEO of Leading Edge Personal Trainers and another great client of ours, said "the continued efforts have led to increased site visibility and growth in unique visitors for the business. Dignitas Digital brings a level of personal attention and dedication to the work that makes for a productive engagement.

We feel tremendously proud to be a top B2B service provider in our segment of the business. Our strategic expertise and ability to adapt to the rapidly changing environment has led to the growth of our clients' business, as well as forming excellent partnerships with us.

For more information on digital marketing and technology for your business:


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