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Family & Home 2,452 views Aug 09, 2017
5 Best Ways to Dress Up Blank Walls

5 Best Ways to Dress Up Blank Walls

Whenever you've got a big, blank wall to fill, your first thought may be a gallery wall. There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes it is nice to split up all of the flat framed art with something different. Enter baskets, brackets, paint-dipped objects, wall sculptures, special paint effects and much more. Check out these 9 ways to fill your walls with color and imagination.

1 Screenprint Art
Give your walls a cool effect using a pop art appearance. Get easy instructionson how to make a faux screenprint that can bring a little quirkiness to every room.

2Coffee Filter Art
You can discover artistic inspiration using regular items. Michelle Edgemontdip-dyed java filters and put them in a random pattern to the wall with glue dots to make a stunning flower effect

3. Framed Maps
Give an old map a modern spin using a multi-frame application. Pick your favourite destination places, or utilize a map of your hometown.

4,Rustic Baskets
Check your neighborhood thrift shop for vintage finds that are easy to hang and eye-pleasing.

5. Photo Collage Wallpaper
Use family photos to make a customized wallpaper design. Here, Cortney and Bob Novogratz of Home by Novogratz covered one wall of this international versions' apartment with all the models' headshots for a stunning yet personal touch.

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