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371 views Jul 11, 2020
Java Trip

Special safe travel techniques for girls

travel doesn't just apply to guys, you know! At present, there are many women who dare to travel alone, not only domestically, but also abroad. Except being freer, travel for girls is a technique for expressing yourself even further. There is a new city, a new face to feel new local cuisine, that's what makes it interesting from the trip. However, the journey for girls is not as simple as turning the palm of the hand. It takes cooking preparation from various aspects, including the chapter of personal safety. BREAK. Analysis before you decide to go on your own vacation is very important. Study the routines and customs of the areas you want to target. Try to memorize a number of words in the local language so that you can communicate. Try to unite with them so that you feel safe even though far from family. WEAR. LOCAL CITIZENS Unless you explore culture and language, you also need to understand what chapters they are playing every day. Make sure you come up with clothes that are similar to local residents. Do not have time to stand out because such things can make your traveler's image appear to the surface, inviting the impact of crime.

LEAVE JEWELRY. Jewelry such as gold earrings or gem rings indeed create value for you through the way the display is increasing. However, see the situation too. You are on your way to the city of someone you consider quite foreign. So, it is better to leave a variety of jewelry in the house and try to enjoy the tourist area from within, deh.