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434 views Jul 11, 2020
Standard Travels

The Standard - How to drive safely at night

The Standard - Driving a car at night does have its good and bad sides, besides that when driving at night we are not too stuck in traffic, driving at night is sometimes more dangerous than driving during the day. In the following we will give you several ways to drive safely at night. Do not block the lights from being blocked. The role of large lights in driving a night is very important, you need a light source - including man-made light. Before touching the road, make sure the big lights, your fog lights are in good condition. Also check the brake lights and indicator lights to function perfectly. If any of the lights are not functioning or dirty or even dim and does not function properly - then make sure you replace them with new lights so they will not hamper you and other drivers on the road.

The Standard - Window and windscreen Clean and Maintained. Clean windows and glass wipers play an important role in driving night. Lack of lighting has limited our eyesight, so don't add to the dirty and stained glass eraser. Because this will further limit vision, and increase the risk of accidents. Clean the windows and glass eraser before you start your trip, and also make sure the cleaner is always filled and the eraser can work well - in any terrain.