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Beauty Times

Beauty Times - Natural Hair Straightening Medication

Beauty Times - may have different hairstyles, want to be curly, wavy, or straight once with a variety of structures. However, for hair straightening remedies, all hairstyles can then be solved with the following magic potion. Almost the same as a recipe for fine hair Beauty Times milk and eggs turn into basic ingredients must make natural straight hair. According to the page, coat your hair with a mixture of milk and eggs to make hair soft, strong and naturally straight. just take 1 beaten egg in unison 1 cup of milk or 2 cups of milk if hair - long and thick. After that it is distributed evenly from the roots to the ends of the hair. Leave it for 10 minutes and wrap it in a plastic bath towel or small towel and leave it for up to 30 minutes. This will make the risk of the herb more pervasive to the hair and provide maximum results. After that just shampooing as usual with shampoo. Even no conditioner then,Beauty Times can feel the difference. This will save the bag because it is not important to shop for conditioner often.

Beauty Times - Hair that is initially matted and coarse begins to grow smooth and naturally straight.Beauty Times can also add honey to the milk and egg mix because honey also has the same risk of smoothing and making straight hair. Try using this mixture 1 week a second time before you start shampooing and find straight hair getting faster Beauty Times.