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Technology 790 views Mar 16, 2020
How to Fix Norton Error 3048 3?

The Norton 3048 error is described as a type of error that communicates after the program installation procedure. Based on Norton Antivirus Support specialists, the error may occur when running Symantec-related applications, and may even occur when starting or shutting down Windows. The Norton 3048 error has a total probability of committing if users set up the Windows operating system, and then you realize that the problem has arisen due to 3048 3 malfunction.

Fix Norton Antivirus 3048 error 3

Step 1: Renovation

Renew catalog entries related to error 3048 3 to be made by consumers as recommended by Norton Antivirus support specialists

Then you need to perform a thorough scan of your computer for malware or viruses

Step 2: Eliminate this crap

Users will have to throw away all system waste, including short files except folders with disk cleaning

Step 3: Update phase

Update all device drivers today

Run Windows System Restore in the "reverse" current segment of system changes

Step 4: Installation / uninstallation stage

Then, probably, play the procedure for installing or uninstalling Norton Antivirus, which is associated with error 3048 3

Download the entire available Windows renewal procedure

Step 5: Employment phase

The implementation of the new procedure for this Windows download system is finally necessary

Evaluating Windows registry files is not a simple task. Incorrect editing methods can even prevent your computer from working and cause further damage to your operating system.

You must click Yes in the Authorization dialog box when it appears.

In the directory editor, select the Norton Antivirus key you want to back up.

In the menu file, select Export.

Now select the folder where you want to save the Norton Antivirus secret key in the Save In list. Then change the document name.

Currently, in the Export range field, select the "Selected department" option. Then click Save.

The document will be stored by the .reg extension. From today you have a copy of this Norton Antivirus key.

Repair 1: Use the Disk Cleanup feature to eliminate all unnecessary system documents

Thanks to regular browsing and continuous use of the computer, many system crap files are collected. If these files are not washed out, an error may occur. Cleaning up these files can help solve the problem.

Play the first two measures of this repair 1.

The Disk Cleanup dialog box with more checkboxes appears.

Check the selected fields to be washed, and then click OK.

Repair 2: Windows System Restore

Windows System Restore helps you go back in time. Remember that System Restore will not affect your information and other necessary files.

In the results, click System Restore. If prompted, enter the password.

Now, to renew, follow each step of the Wizard.

24/7 support

In case of any problems, we will be able to help. You can contact Norton Customer Service Number to help you at every stage of the inquiry. Our Specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide better instant resolution to eliminate problems.