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  • 12 Feb 2020
    The majority of Facebook users face this problem. When it is really sad to deal with a popup message, it appears that Facebook has unfortunately stopped. Many people always ignore the message when it comes to the screen but it is good to note that this is not the right choice or solution. Because it is advised to always be ready to resolve, you will increase it more frequently. No, it’s not necessary to delete the pname com Facebook orca error. Because, even though you can delete this folder, it automatically will automatically recreate and once again popping the errors again. Therefore, this folder intends to address the problem and handle the problem in your device’s memory. Facebook Messenger has many reviews that know about fewer people and it’s still another chance that you have been mistakenly deleted messages from the chat platform. What is your opinion? There are several ways to restore text removed from the Facebook Messenger request. However, you will be able to know how to use the Oka folder to restore your deleted messages. You need to recover this data minus using the file explorer application. For this, you need to connect to the computer using the phone cable and then find the Pname work Facebook ORCA folder and then go to the folder to get information. The above procedure will explain you necessary to clear the popup error and you will enjoy using Facebook again.
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Technology 71 views Mar 06, 2020
Hadoop demand falls as other big data tech rises

Hadoop makes all the big data noise. Too bad it's not also getting the big data deployments.

Indeed, though Hadoop has often served as shorthand for big data, this increasingly seems like a mistake. According to a new Gartner report, "despite continuing enthusiasm for the big data phenomenon, demand for Hadoop specifically is not accelerating."

According to the survey, most enterprises have "no plans at this time" to invest in Hadoop and a mere 26 percent have either deployed or are piloting Hadoop. They are, however, actively embracing other big data technologies.

'Fairly anemic' interest in Hadoop
For a variety of reasons, with a lack of Hadoop skills as the biggest challenge (57 percent), enterprises aren't falling in love with Hadoop.

Selling the future of Hadoop

By some measures, this shortfall of interest hasn't yet caught up with the top two Hadoop vendors, Cloudera and Hortonworks.

Cloudera, after all, will reportedly clear nearly $200 million in revenue in 2015, with a valuation of $5 billion, according to Manhattan Venture Partners. While the company is nowhere near profitability, it's not struggling to grow and will roughly double revenue this year.

Hortonworks, for its part, just nailed a strong quarter. Annual billings grew 99 percent to $28.1 million, even as revenue exploded 167 percent to $22.8 million. To reach these numbers, Hortonworks added 105 new customers, up from 99 new customers in the previous quarter.