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Business 18,450 views Nov 20, 2019


Bareskin Co is a private company based in South Africa, Cape Town with a mission to develop, manufacture and retail the most effective aesthetic device ever produced.  Our main aim has always been to develop a laser hair removal device that is not expensive, safe to use and can be used in the comfort of your own home. We strive to bring laser hair removal treatment to your home at the fraction of price it will cost you to visit a professional beauty clinic.

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  • Justin Kerr
    Justin Kerr Here I found great oil with CBD which helps me with Alzheimer
    Jun 15
  • James Sanchez
    James Sanchez Bareskin company is an outstanding and astonishing company of the state. This company has been serving the nation since long ago from its inception and I can visit to find out quality work. Thanks for sharing this with us....  DD
    Jul 29