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  • 03 Sep 2019
    What is Sales Pipeline Management? Sales pipeline management is a systematic process of driving through the stages within a sales funnel. It deals with all the steps right from the initial contact until closing a deal.  Let's look at the 10 ways on how to manage your sales pipeline - 1. Define your pipeline stages 2. Bring quality leads 3. Categorize your list 4. Have an eye on stalled leads 5. Clean up regularly 6. Sales Pipeline analysis 7. Pipeline review meeting 8. Measure relevant pipeline metrics 9. Providing tailored content 10. Take control of your sales
    117 Posted by Soni Saxena
Business 139 views Aug 28, 2019
What is Ad Hoc Reporting

What is Ad-hoc reporting?

Ad-Hoc, which has its origins in Latin, means “For this” in English. It refers to a task done for a specific reason. Ad-Hoc reporting, then, means creating reports for specific occasions. Through Ad-Hoc reporting, you can analyze a specific business question that you had not previously thought of and that your existing report is not capable of answering. When it comes to business intelligence, Ad-Hoc reporting adds to regular reporting by enabling users to quickly build new reports from scratch or edit the reports made previously. All of this can be done without the involvement of the IT department.

Features of Ad-hoc reporting solutions -

Reports from Scratch

Display tabular detail

Create ad-hoc reports from regular reports


Access anywhere


Read the complete article here - What is Ad-hoc reporting

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