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How to win at slot machines?

How to win at slots?
How to win at online casino on slot machines? You can’t just sit down and win a really large number of slot machines. More precisely, it is possible, but this will require a dazzling smile of luck. If you want to systematically win (regularly), you will need a strategy that will need to be followed. By the way, so that in the future there is no misunderstanding, remember that slots are a game with a negative mathematical expectation.
Although a casino has only 5%, 3%, or even 2% advantages, it is still disadvantageous for a player at a great distance. In other words, you will lose if you play long enough (month, year). On the other hand, at a short distance - day, week - you can stay in a good plus, especially if you can get a couple of big victories. But if you play constantly, then you cannot do without a special strategy. In conditions of negative mathematical expectation, any nuance that gives at least some benefit should be accepted.
Lyrical digression.
I would also like to draw your attention to the following. What are you playing for? Ask yourself this question. If for an attempt to make money - this is one thing, but if for pleasure - this is completely different. In the second case, no special strategy for winning in the slots is required. If a player understands that he pays for entertainment, this is a normal situation. It is like buying a ticket to the zoo or some kind of attraction. But more often than not, the player wants to not only have fun, but also to increase his capital. And here again the strategy becomes relevant again. In short, first answer yourself: why am I playing - and draw the necessary conclusions.
Slots Strategy.
The main task of the algorithm below is to save as much as possible, that is, save money and at the same time have every chance of earning a lot. The main problem of the players is that they do not play systematically and do not adhere to any rules. But with the help of a small “code” you can save a significant part of your bankroll and, possibly, make money on it in the future.

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